We were all anxious.

No one (well almost no one) wanted to believe that there was possibility that President Barack Obama could lost to Gov. Mitt Romney. It didn’t make sense to any of us that the polls were split. How could any person of color, any woman, any minority for that matter support Romney and his policies?

For weeks, my friends and I were following the debates. We had already submitted our Absentee Ballots in fear that they may not reach home in time for the elections. Even if our vote wouldn’t count in any other circumstance, we wanted to make sure it counted this time. It was then that I felt that I could single handedly make a difference in the U.S. 2012 Presidential Elections. All over CNN and other news networks, they advertised ‘America’s Choice.’ My stomach would loop and turn into knots hearing the political analyses offered by experts and news hosts. 

On 6th Nov., chairs and blankets were set up for our election party. We were prepared to be out there for an entire night because of the five hour time difference. Students from the University of Ghana came by and we all sat and watched.


                                                  Students at the Election Party.

At around 1 am the number of students present dwindled. Everyone wanted to see the results, but no one was willing to stay up to 4 or 5am to see them. 

However, my friends and I stay awake. We were too anxious and falling asleep was not an option for us. We felt that staying awake and seeing the progress was just as important as voting! Good thing we did because we all saw the victory that we were rooting for! 


Team OBAMA. 

                             Shana and Martina at the Election Party