God First.

                 Dr. Abdulai pictured with one of his patients.


Would you offer absolutely free medical services, shelter and food for the poor and mentally estranged? 

Honestly, I don’t think most of us could– or would. Think about not expecting any–and I mean ANY– sort of monetary compensation for your services. Think about the operation costs of your establishment? How will you pay your staff? Feed your patients and maintain the land? How will you support yourself and your family?


Well, David Abdulai is a man with a heart of gold. This man sees past all of these questions and relies first and foremost in God. The strength of his relationship with God manifests in his work and his reputation as a brilliant, humble and selfless man. When asked how he treats his mentally ill patients, Dr. Abdulai looked at the students sitting in front of him and said, “With love.” 

I know there may have been some skeptics around us who were thinking, no drugs? no psychologist on board? But Dr. Abdulai was there to show us that he is a testimony to his own virtue of love and faith. 

A woman, whose name I cannot remember, walks into the open structure where Dr. Abdulai is lecturing us on his work. Her clothes drape over her tiny frame, her one eye scans the room–smiling with rotten, decayed teeth at all the youthful, bright faces she sees. Although she doesn’t speak English, she opens her mouth to share stories of her own life. Dr. Abdulai translates all of her witty, spunky commentary and continues to laugh and engage with her. The air is made light, despite the tense burning sensation to find out where this woman came from and how is she managing?

The charismatic woman found her way to the clinic when Dr. Abdulai took her in. He said she did not like to wear clothes. She had sensory issues, and at times, she would use her fecal matter to draw and write on the walls. The woman also would not open up and Dr. Abdulai found it difficult to communicate with her. According to him, all that it took for her to get well was for him to show her that someone cared for her and her well-being. Without the administration of drugs or injections, Dr. Abdulai said it was love that cured this woman. 

She shuffled away from us and returned shortly with a new outfit on and a smile on her face. Not once did her smile dull.

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