Classroom Attendance

Image Courtesy of @IMLOUISECHANTAL Instagram

Remember that? The good old days (c. 1997) when your elementary school teacher would do her roll call. “PRESENT!” said the little kiddies in the classroom (or “HERE!” if you were rebellious). I remember those responses being so enthusiastic — even at 8am. Ahhhh, childhood.

Fast Forward 2x to 2017; I can barely function at 8am (I really prefer not to but it’s necessary on most days).

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How Exactly Did Stella Get Her Groove Back?

I’ve been longing for years to resume this process — this therapeutic purge of word vomit and Aries overshare. Each and every letter smeared across the page — or screen — helping to heal that which is still  broken (because healing is ongoing and can never, ever be linear).

It’s been 4+ years since I’ve decided to share my thoughts in written format on a digital landscape (excluding Instagram — my one and only social media platform). And here I am again. It’s funny how things come full circle — back to where you thought you’d never be again.

Join me along this ride. Trust me (if you dare); this space is where I’ll delve deep, sharing what I believe are the keys to my growth and expansion (not referring to my dress size here, but expanding emotionally, mentally… etc wise).


Healing. Is. Not. Linear.