Hello! My name is Anika, from Mt. Vernon, NY.

This blog is my attempt to understand, discuss, document and experience my time studying abroad in Ghana, West Africa. I will be studying here for four months, interning, taking courses through New York University, my home university and the University of Ghana, Legon. In the mix of immersing myself into a new culture, getting acclimated to a new environment –I hope to discover something new about myself, my beliefs and my career path.

In each of my posts, I hope my readers discover something new about me and themselves as well. My open expression of happiness, jubilance, fear, shame, anger, confusion is a testament to my experience in all of its innocence and modesty.

Furthermore, this blog should serve as a medium through which other young, aspiring, intellectual, yearning students of color can read, see and discuss the conflicting issues in our world– no matter how ugly or beautiful they can be.


What's on your mind...

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