Classroom Attendance

Image Courtesy of @IMLOUISECHANTAL Instagram

Remember that? The good old days (c. 1997) when your elementary school teacher would do her roll call. “PRESENT!” said the little kiddies in the classroom (or “HERE!” if you were rebellious). I remember those responses being so enthusiastic — even at 8am. Ahhhh, childhood.

Fast Forward 2x to 2017; I can barely function at 8am (I really prefer not to but it’s necessary on most days).

Welcome to adulthood. A few years ago after I finished undergrad, I found myself struggling to cope with adulting and this new phase of my life that is adulthood. Honestly, I STILL am trying to cope — some days successfully, others not so much.

For me, the key to my wellness is that everyday, I have to remind myself to live in the present. I have to project gratitude and contentment to the higher power that I believe in and to the Universe. This is an act of self love and serves as a reminder that I am enough. I am without lack. I have been blessed and equipped with all the tools I need to truly be successful.

Only in the present can I be fulfilled– completely capable with the circumstances & resources of “NOW.”

Not tomorrow, not yesterday.

Nowhere in those two spaces of time should I find myself for too long. Because after mentally & emotionally overstaying my welcome in the tomorrows and the yesterdays, I will eventually encounter feelings of anxiety and/or depression. Anxiety for what is to come (that’s obviously out of my control), and depression with what I shoulda/coulda/woulda done yesterday.

Of course, one should reflect on days past as we know hindsight is 20/20. One should also take assessments and plan for the future, but my issue here is wallowing. Remaining for too long where you do not belong. This breeds the suffering that many of us experience throughout our lives; the type of suffering that can be cured with the simplest but most difficult of tasks — BEING PRESENT.

By practicing acts of self love and by reminding ourselves that today is a gift — we can remain grateful, grounded and humble in the present. Doing this opens us up for MORE. More love.

More health.

More blessings.



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