How Exactly Did Stella Get Her Groove Back?

I’ve been longing for years to resume this process — this therapeutic purge of word vomit and Aries overshare. Each and every letter smeared across the page — or screen — helping to heal that which is still  broken (because healing is ongoing and can never, ever be linear).

It’s been 4+ years since I’ve decided to share my thoughts in written format on a digital landscape (excluding Instagram — my one and only social media platform). And here I am again. It’s funny how things come full circle — back to where you thought you’d never be again.

Join me along this ride. Trust me (if you dare); this space is where I’ll delve deep, sharing what I believe are the keys to my growth and expansion (not referring to my dress size here, but expanding emotionally, mentally… etc wise).


Healing. Is. Not. Linear.

What's on your mind...

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