Part 3?





Well, it’s about that time—time for many of my colleagues to ship out.

I didn’t think the day was going to come… Actually, I did, but not so fast.

The bond that I had developed and shared among the 16 others in the group was strong. I had memories for each and every one of them.

6th Dec. just 9 days before majority of the students were leaving, we had our farewell dinner. Everyone sat with their group of friends, reflecting on the entire semester and what waits ahead for us back home. Some were anxious—tired of the trivial issues that sometimes inconvenienced us. Others, like myself, weren’t yet ready to throw in the towel. Personally, I was fighting to hold on to every last drop of Ghana that I could. Being here felt like my home away from home. It felt like Barbados, but better.

You ever ate your favorite dish by your mom, but your aunt or some other female relative makes it a little better. A shadow of guilt follows you and you feel like Benedict Arnold—a traitor…how can you like someone else’s cooking over your mom’s? Well that’s what Ghana reminds me of. I almost like it a little better than Barbados—in a guilty yet pleasurable way.


I know as time approaches for me to leave, I will still try to hold to Ghana as much as I can, and the bonds that were created among the 17 of us will continue to strengthen back home.

For certain, this is not going to be my last time here. Stay tuned for Ghana part III.


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